From Bulgarian Society for History of Medicine: ‘An International Conference on History of Medicine and Medical Humanities’ Nov. 23-24, 2013

Enquiries to:

Call for Papers: Abstracts: All abstracts and papers should be in English language; Title – up to 25 words; Abstract – up to 300 words; At least 3 keywords; Abstracts deadline is 15th October 2013. All abstracts should be sent to e-mail:

Presentation: Presentation time – 15 min; Presentation form – Poster or slideshow: Poster size: 100cm x 70cm

Participation fee: For University Professors, Doctors and Researchers – 150 EUR. For Students and Trainees – 75 EUR. The fee includes: – Conference materials – 2 lunch breaks – 4 coffee breaks – Certificate of attendance 23rd November 2013, 19:30h – Conference dinner* – 35 EUR (*Optional)

Deadlines: 1st September 2013 – application for participation and type of room you want; 30th September 2013 – payment of participation fee; 15th October 2013 – sending of the presentation abstract

The Conference will take place in St. Ekaterina Hospital


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