Advertising in Central and East European Medical Journals

The following advertisements are taken from  the journals Psychiatrie, Neurologie und medizinische PsychologieCasopis Lekaru Ceskych, and Neuropsihijatrija during the 1960s and 1970s.  Meant exclusively for physician audiences, they cover products ranging from medical instruments and sleeping pills to anticonvulsants and beauty creams.  They demonstrate the international nature of these markets, with both West and East European producers seeking to expand their consumer base.



‘Headwinds through the Iron Curtain: fundamental and applied sciences in Communist Eastern Europe’ at ICHSTM Manchester 2013

Billed as the biggest ever History of Science conference ever to have taken place (complete with day trips to Jodrell Bank and HistSci themed real ale), with an estimated 1700 delegates, the International Conference in the History of Science, Technology and Medicine took place at Manchester University over seven days in July 2013.

Among the many sessions was a full-day panel on the sciences in Communist Eastern Europe, encompassing themes from Soviet physics to debates over plant genetics. Three papers addressed medicine in the region, showcasing the work of early career researchers in the field.

Luciana Jinga of the Institute for the Investigation of Communist Crimes and the Memory of the Romanian Exile spoke on the legacy of the Ceausescu’s pro-natalist policies, arguing that the instrumentalisation of the medical system for political demographic concerns resulted in higher rates of maternal and infant mortality in the long-term.

Corina Dobos (UCL), also writing on Romania, examined the Pavlovisation of medicine in the early years of the Communist regime, showing how well-established doctors from the inter-war period reframed their previous work in Pavlovian terms in order to secure resources and career security.

Finally, Bradley Moore (University of Wisconsin) spoke on the complex dynamics of the establishment of public health care in Communist Czechoslovakia, where hygienists were able to ‘augment’ their interests in environmental and social health care within a new dialectical-materialist based healthcare system, resulting in a hybrid medical system which drew on both Soviet and Western concepts.

We look forward to upcoming publications by all three panellists, and will feature them on the CEEHM blog in future…

From Bulgarian Society for History of Medicine: ‘An International Conference on History of Medicine and Medical Humanities’ Nov. 23-24, 2013

Enquiries to:

Call for Papers: Abstracts: All abstracts and papers should be in English language; Title – up to 25 words; Abstract – up to 300 words; At least 3 keywords; Abstracts deadline is 15th October 2013. All abstracts should be sent to e-mail:

Presentation: Presentation time – 15 min; Presentation form – Poster or slideshow: Poster size: 100cm x 70cm

Participation fee: For University Professors, Doctors and Researchers – 150 EUR. For Students and Trainees – 75 EUR. The fee includes: – Conference materials – 2 lunch breaks – 4 coffee breaks – Certificate of attendance 23rd November 2013, 19:30h – Conference dinner* – 35 EUR (*Optional)

Deadlines: 1st September 2013 – application for participation and type of room you want; 30th September 2013 – payment of participation fee; 15th October 2013 – sending of the presentation abstract

The Conference will take place in St. Ekaterina Hospital

Annual Meeting of the AAHM in Chicago, 2014

The American Association for the History of Medicine invites submissions in any area of medical/health care history for its 87th annual meeting, to be held in Chicago, Illinois, USA, 8 – 11 May 2014. The Association welcomes submissions on the history of health and healing; history of medical ideas, practices, and institutions; and histories of illness, disease, and public health. Submissions pertaining to all eras and regions of the world are welcome. Papers and panels that expand the horizons of medical history and engage related fields are particularly encouraged. In addition to single-paper proposals, the Program Committee, led by co-chairs Jeremy Greene and Shigehisa Kuriyama will also accept abstracts for luncheon workshops and entertain proposals for creatively-structured panels.

The deadline for submission is September 27, 2013. Please click here for details.